History of the Mande






Historical summaries



dot From the beginning to 13th century


dot From 13th century to 15th century


dot Historical summary of Tiramanghan


dot Historic explorers and missions in West Africa


dot Andree Clair's universal historical summary (pop up)




dot Soundjata's genealogy

dot Origins of the patronymic name : «Cisse »

dot Origins of the patronymic name : «Diabate »

dot Genealogy of the famous Diabate jàlílu from Kela

dot Genealogy of famous West African korafolálu

dot Tiramankhan's genealogy





1. Books maps


dot Old provinces of Manding  (jpeg  217 Ko)

dot The battle of Kirina   (jpeg  551 Ko)

dot The battle of Nârena   (jpeg 705 Ko)

dot Diara, Sosso, Mali kingdoms   (jpeg 79 Ko)

Winds Compass ; Atlas Catalan - retail - XIV° century , Bnf


2. Old maps


dot Old maps of Mande countries




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