Kirina's Battlefield




dot Returning with the combined armies of Mema, Wagadou and all the rebellious Mandinka city-states, Maghan Sundjata led a revolt against the Kaniaga kingdom in 1234.


dot The combined forces of northern and southern Manden defeated the Sosso army at the Battle of Kirina (then known as Krina) in approximately 1235.This victory resulted in the fall of the Kaniaga kingdom and the rise of the Mali Empire.


dot After the victory, King Soumaoro disappeared, and the Mandinka stormed the last of the Sosso cities.


© Youssouf Tata Cissé, Wâ Kamissoko, Soundjata la gloire du Mali T. 2, Karthala-Arsan, 1991 p. 15 [bibliography]



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