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 FrançaisAprès la 2ème guerre mondiale, la kora fut popularisée au Mali, et dans l'ensemble du monde, par Sidiki Diabaté et Jeli Madi Sissoko... Lire la suite.


Sidiki Diabaté (Mali)  © Olivier Gresset

After the World War War II, the kora was popularized world wide by Sidiki Diabate (1922~1996) and Jeli Madi Sissoko, two kora virtuosos, coming from Gambia. Pioneers, they had the deep feeling that the «jèlíya » was offering them the best chance to head up Mandenka political and cultural legacies occulted since such a long time by colonizers ; so, they took an active part, each one on their own, in the struggle for he independence and the emancipations of the minds as the joined the new political groups. See the history of Kaira During the years 1940 and 1950, when the movement for independence started, «Kaira» was the name adopted by the association of the young jelis of the city Kita... Read more about, for example.

dot After the independence (1960), they took part in the foundation of the Instrumental Ensemble of Mali, one of the first African national acoustic band.

dot They collaborated with the great Sory Kandia Kouyate and played on ones of the most famous albums of the Mande traditional music : The Epic of Mandingue vol. 1 & The Epic of Mandingue vol. 2


puce In 1971, they joined to two others famous korafoláluA kora player is called korafolá (who is able to make the kora talk) - korafolálu, plural. from Mali, Batrou Sekou Kouyate and N'Fa Diabate for the recording the album : «Mali : Ancient Strings», first unique instrumental album of kora. That album had all the more extraordinary repercussions as, traditionally, in the classic Manding music, one would play instruments only as an accompaniment for the singer(s).


puce That record (remasterized and released by Buda Records © CD 1977822 in 2000) is still today a unique reference for the traditional way of playing kora ; on my own, I learn every day (or almost) a take a kora lesson every time I listen to that great and amazing record...

Genealogy of the famous korafolálu

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Sidiki Diabate - Mariama Kouyate - Mody Tounkara (n'koni) - Lamban À l'origine, Lamban était dédié à la famille Kouyaté, les premiers griots du Mandé. Les descendants de Balla Fasseke Kouyaté, sont considérés comme les gardiens de la tradition... En savoir plus. - ORTM


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