Bakemba Susso, korafola master




September 2001




I have very improved my kora technic thanks to that very great master ; his infinite patience, his great knowledge of the Mandenka music's tradition and his pedagogic qualities enabled me to reach a quite good level of rigour and comprehension of that instrument ; and today, I am very proud of it.


He taught me how to play the kora according to the strict and true Manding tradition. The learning of this instrument and the music for which it was conceived is long ; and it is all the more difficult as I am not a « musician » !


This experience learned to me a lot of things on myself and life.


For all you taught to me,

I still thank you very much Mr. Bakemba SUSSO !

Bakemba SUSSO is my kora teacher since the beginning of the year 2000.


I met him thanks to Mr. Yakhouba SISSOKHO, my former kora teacher.

Born in 1962, Mr. Bakemba SUSSO is father of 3 children. He lives in France since 1989.


Like many korafolálu, Mr. Bakemba SUSSO began his career very early.


He made known himself especially abroad his own country, in England particularly. During a tour in Gambia, English producers and musicians discovered the fascinating art of Mr. Bakemba SUSSO.


At once, they took him along with them to the United Kingdom where they produced his music, that you still can't find in France.


They created together a school of kora and made tours all around the world, especially in the United States. Bakemba SUSSO was very appreciated as an eminent professor of this school.


Odds of musician life decided Mr. Bakemba SUSSO to leave the United Kingdom and turn over to Gambia then to establish himself in France a few time afterwards. He lives today in France since the beginning of the 90's and makes often kora world tours.


September 2002


His version of Allah La Kè




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