Yakhouba Sissokho, korafola maestro




November 1998


I learnt very much in contact with such a great professional ; in fact, its art was so high for me that I did not understand all dimension of it at that time. It is only today (4 years later), when I'm listening again the tapes he let me record that I'm begining to see a little better the range of his teaching...


More than the art of kora, Mr. Yakhouba Sissokho taught me the art of the melody ; he made me clear (with a fulgurating method) the attractive architecture of a song and the harmonic variations you could create on.

More than a rigorous playing touch, he communicated to me the passion of the authentic music and the desire of perfection.

I seldom met an artist who have such a great simplicity. The size of his modesty is as equal as his art : pure.

For you have made me sharing unforgettable moments, I still thank you very much, Yakhouba Sissokho.

Yakhouba Birima Sissokho was my kora teacher since October 1998 until the end of the year 1999.


I met him thanks to Mrs. Lilianne Prevost of SIGUI MANDING's association.


Yakhouba Sissokho lives in France since the beginning of the Nineties.


He collaborated with a lot of great musicians of world fame like : Salif Keita, Mory Kante, Kandet Dioubaté, Michel Edelin, Doudou Gouirand, Djeli Moussa Diawara, Alexandre Hiele, Lansine Kouyaté, Moriba Koïta Moriba Koita is a very great n'konifála, native of Kita (Mali) - the cradle of jelilu great dynasties, very famous in his country and all around the world... Read more., Ramon Lopez, Moïra, Ronnie Lynn Patterson, Olivier Petitjean, Erik Truffaz, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, etc.


His meeting with balafonist Lansine Kouyaté and double bass player Jean-Jacques Avenel made up the «African trio project». Later, the formation grew up with Michel Edelin (flute), and became the «Waraba Quartet».


Yakhouba Sissokho takes part regularly in many world music festivals all around Europe and France. He often performs at the Africolor festival in Paris.

May 2002


Sample of Yakhouba Sissokho © 2005

Courtesy of «Instruments Migrateurs» webmaster


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