Toumani Diabate, korafola master




Toumani Diabate - July 1997


I have learnt so much art and kora playing when I met such a great artist.


Rigour, invention and the desire to look for transcending soundmusic : such are the qualities I've been taught when I met Mr. Toumani Diabate.


For you have opened wide my horizons and have been the first to contribute to my musical and personal researches, for all the attention you paid for me, I thank you very much Mr. Toumani Diabate.



dot During a journey to Mali in 1997, I had the great privilege to meet Toumani Diabate, exceptional korafoláA korafolá is a kora player in mandinka (who is able to make the kora talk) - korafolálu, plural. , internationally famous. He gave me the first basis of the instrument by the intermediary of one of his most brilliant students, Mamadi Kouyate.


dot I met again Mr. Toumani Diabate during a recent journey in Bamako in 2000. He welcomed me very cordialy among his relatives at Tomikorobougou and personally invested in my initiation to playing kora in the traditional way.


dot Toumani Diabate has much contributed to make known the kora all around the world and « by his original meetings opened of new ways to the music... ».

Nago Seck & Sylvie Clerfeuille, The musicians of the African beat, Les Compacts, Bordas, Paris, 1993.


dot Each of his 10 albums has been a revolution and made a great impact on the world music perception.

Genealogy of the famous West African korafolálu
Cantelowes- «The Mande Variations» (2008) [WorldCircuit Ltd]



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